Technology Fusion, Future Salutation-- China Huirong’s 5th anniversary celebration and the financial strategy conference was held successfully.


On the evening of October 28, China Huirong Financial Holdings Limited (HK.01290) held its fifth anniversary celebration and Financial Technology Strategy Conference on the theme of " Four Seas Confluence, Technology Fusion, Future Salutation" at Hong Kong Lai Hotel.

The group company, senior executives, shareholder representatives, government leaders, finance and business celebrities all attended this event.

On the conference, China Huirong looked back and reviewed the development history over the past 5 yeas, and made the strategy release about the development direction of the corporate finance and technology, based on financial innovation business of the supply chain.

Over the past 5 years, China Huirong has always been keeping up with times, and strived to find its own path. China Huirong started small and only did pawn service and petty loan business, but now China Huirong has become an integrated financial services group, which provides pawn service, petty loan, Internet finance, supply chain finance, funds, insurance agents and independent investment.

Mr. Min Wu, Chairman and president of China Huirong, is making a speech.

Mr. Changsong Zhang, president of China Huirong, reviews the business development and performance over the past 5 years.

China Huirong targets at providing diversified products for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, constantly making innovations and upgrading the traditional financial business model, and maintaining the stable growth of business performance. Our business has expanded to five provinces and cities in China, and actively been seeking to expand overseas.

Mr. Zheng Wang, president of Suzhou Huifang Supply Chain and Tecnology, is making the business release.

With the formation of China's food and beverage consumption market of more than 4 trillion Yuan, China Huirong will provide financial services for chain enterprises and merchants in catering supply chain by starting from chain food and catering industry.

At the same time, China Huirong has introduced 5D technology platform and DMD data model decision-making system to realize intelligent risk decision-making, and fully applied block chain technology to realize the authenticity and traceability of supply chain financial platform data. All the above actions have been made to ensure the integrity, synchronization and consistency of supply chain data information. In view of the characteristics of small-scale decentralization, high frequency and changeability, high uncertainty and high volatility in the catering industry, small and medium-sized enterprises are truly enabled to reduce financing costs.

Mr. Da An, CEO of Jiaxi capital

Mr. Hongyi Jin, president of President of UBS Asia Pacific Investment Bank

Mr. Shan Li, member of the CPPCC National Committee and CEO of Silk Road Finance Company

Mr. Jian Ge, president of Jiangsu Wuzhong Group

Mr. Qiang Gu, director of Jiangsu Wuzhong Hi-tech District Management Committee

Opening ceremony of Suzhou Huifang Supply Chain and Technology.

In the future, China Huirong will actively carry out business cooperation with core supply chain enterprises, chain brand managers, financial technology companies and financial institutions, relying on its foreign exchange supply chain technology platform; use the technology of block chain and big data to locate the business model of "supply chain financial scenario + block chain technology application" and develop it. To provide one-stop financial services for tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses, a new product system will be established, and a more complete supply chain financial science and technology services ecosystem will be established.


2018-11-05Technology Fusion, Future Salutation-- China Huirong’s 5th anniversary celebration and the financial strategy conference was held successfully.

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